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Number of positions: 1

Duration: 6

Supervisor: Brian Peterson, MD, FRCSC Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship Director


The University of British Columbia Division of Plastic Surgery offers a 6-month Aeshteic Surgery Fellowship.


The University of British Columbia, in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson, is offering a Kelowna based 6 month Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery and Breast Reconstruction. Large volume of all aspects of Aesthetic Surgery, private facility based operating rooms run daily. Hospital and Day Care based Reconstructive Breast Surgery, including large volume of microsurgery. $35,000 stipend funded by Johnson & Johnson.


Applicants must have completed North American based Plastic Surgery Residency.

Successful completion of the TOEFL exam if language of instruction and practice during medical school and residency was not in English. A passing grade must be obtained prior to submission of the fellowship application. 


Applications are now being received for upcoming positions. Please apply ~ 24 months prior to the desired date of training. Applicants are generally accepted 18-24 months prior to the January or July start date.



Brian D. Peterson, MD, FRCSC Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship Director

Dr. Brian Peterson, 401 – 3320 Richter St., Kelowna B.C. VIW 4V5

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