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The UBC Division of Plastic Surgery, in partnership with CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital and Mulago Hospital, is involved in a yearly mission to Uganda to provide medical assistance, mentorship, and training.

The objectives of the Division's involvement in Uganda are:

  • To create and maintain a plastic surgery resident training program affiliated with Makerere University

  • To improve access to more advanced techniques in plastic surgery for the Uganda population

  • To increase the plastic surgery knowledge base within the local plastic surgery community in Mulago

  • To help coordinate plastic surgery activity un Uganda between the various agencies providing plastic surgery services

  • To ultimately provide outreach services to Uganda communities for plastic surgery services. 

Each mission to Uganda involves an intensive teaching workshop for the local residents, out-patient clinic consultations and pre-operative assessments, surgical procedures, and administrative meetings. 

In 2014, two Ugandan plastic surgery residents were offered and completed plastic surgery rotations in Vancouver.

In 2015, one of the first Ugandan plastic surgery graduates was accepted as a pediatric plastic surgery fellow at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, and completed a year-long fellowship with the UBC Division of Plastic Surgery. 

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