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Division Head: 

Dr. Peter Lennox

Director of Postgraduate Education: 

Dr. Alex Seal

Division Administrative Manager:

Ms. Maureen Berard

Division Senior Administrative Assistant:

Ms. Parm Sidhu

Director of Undergraduate Education: 

Dr. Chris Doherty

Fellowship Director:

Dr. Erin Brown

BCPFF Burn Director:

Dr. Anthony Papp

Resident Research Directors:

Dr. Sheina Macadam

Dr. Anthony Papp

Dr. Kathryn Isaac

Research Co-ordinators:

Marija Bucevska (BCCH)

Rebecca Courtemanche (BCCH)

Fagun Jain (VGH)

Site administrative Managers:

Maureen Berard (VGH/UBC)

Parm Sidhu (VGH/UBC)

Norine Mayede (BCCH)

Barbara Hesse (SPH)

Resident Cosmetic Clinic Director:

Dr. Esta Bovill

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