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The Vascular Anomalies Clinic is a collaborative, multidisciplinary team that provides care to pediatric patients with disorders of blood and lymphatic vessel growth and development.

Our team

​Our team consists of members from plastic surgery, dermatology, radiology, ENT, orthopedics, nursing, occupational therapy, and administration.


A referral from a registered physician from BC is required. Please download the referral form.

About Vascular Anomalies

A vascular birthmark (anomaly or lesion) is the result of a problem with growth and development of normal blood and/or lymphatic vessels. They are categorized as either a vascular tumor or a vascular malformation (VM). A hemangioma the most common vascular tumor. It is not cancerous. It is a problem of cellular hyperplasia (too many normal cells form in a disorganized manner). A vascular malformation is the result of a developmental error within the cells and the cells do not develop as they should do. Either of these anomalies may appear flat, raised, and coloured in various shades of pink, blue, purple, or red.


Despite their similar appearances these anomalies have different treatment plans and expected outcomes. We must examine the history of the birthmark reported by the patient and family. We also perform a physical examination of the mark and sometimes need to use radiologic testing to diagnose the birthmark. The imaging technique most often used is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Other studies may be performed as needed, such as ultrasounds, or angiograms.

Contact Information

Vascular Anomalies Clinic

4480 Oak Street

​Ambulatory Care Building, Room K3-131​


BC V6H 3V4

Phone: 604-875-2291 
Fax: 604-875-2749 


Mailing Address 
P.O. Box 625 
4480 Oak Street 
Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4

Referral Form

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