This research team, lad by Dr. Aziz Ghahary, takes a collaborative approach to research, and has projects ranging from burn and wound healing to chronic inflammation and diabetes.

The team has lead discoveries into critical communication pathways in skin cells, essential to successful healing and prevention of scar tissue after a burn. Similarly, discoveries have expanded understanding of why some wounds heal and others do not. In 2016, the first ever non-industry sponsored clinical drug trial from the University of British Columbia was completed.

From these and other discoveries, the team is developing highly specialized topical creams and skin substitutes that can be applied to burns and wounds to allow proper healing. Breakthroughs from the lab are allowing for significantly less scarring from burns and improved healing of wounds, results that are radically changing patient care and health outcomes for burn and accident survivors, diabetics and many others.




The University of British Columbia Division of Plastic Surgery
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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