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The annual UBC Plastic Surgery Research Day is our largest event of the year with usually about 100 in attendance. Plastic surgeons from around the province, Burn & Wound Healing Lab Masters and PhD students, ward nurses, residents, fellows, and administrators attend. There is also a guest keynote speaker invited.

This day coincides with the BCMA Section of Plastic Surgery dinner and is typically in April or May each year.

This day consists of presentations of research papers from plastic surgery residents, the Burn & Wound Healing Lab, community plastic surgeons, our own faculty and from the visiting professor. We also have “How I Do It” presentations from plastic surgeons. Industry representatives 

Dinner in the evening is hosted by the BCMA Section of Plastic Surgery which includes residents, fellows, faculty and section members.

The meeting is CME accredited and has the following general objectives:

  • Discuss current research methodologies in Plastic Surgery utilized to evaluate both clinical and basic science questions

  • Evaluate and analyze the presentations of the research done within the UBC Division of Plastic Surgery

For information on registration, attendance, or presenting, contact Maureen Berard, Administrative Manager

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