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The UBC Division of Plastic Surgery has diverse research interests in basic science and clinical medicine realms. Active research interests include tissue engineering, burn and wound healing, nerve regeneration, medical education, breast reconstruction QOL, and many other areas related to plastic surgery.

Resident Research Directors:

Dr. Erin Brown

Dr. Sheina Macadam

Research Co-ordinators:

Marija Bucevska (BCCH)

Rebecca Courtemanche (BCCH)

Joline Choi (VGH)

Clinical Investigator Residency Position

The UBC Clinician Investigator Program is an exciting opportunity for UBC residents to pursue Masters, PhD or postgraduate studies through a RCPSC accredited program. The UBC Division of Plastic Surgery commits one residency position every two years to the CIP program. 

Past and current CIP residents of the UBC Division of Plastic Surgery include:

  • Dr. Adelyn Ho

  • Dr. Aaron Knox

  • Dr. Daniel Demsey

  • Dr. Diana Forbes

  • Dr. Peter Mankowski

Resident Research

All residents are involved in basic science or clinical research during their residency training, and each is involved in a burn project during their junior years. Yearly, the Division hosts a Resident Research Day to showcase this research, and residents also present at the local Department of Surgery Chung Day. Residents are also supported to present at National and International meetings. 

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