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The Complex Wound Care Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital is a collaborative, multidisciplinary team that provides care to adult patients with complex wounds who do not have spinal cord injuries.

Our clinic works to provide expert consultation in the management of outpatient chronic wound problems. Follow-up care may be maintained in the clinic, at home, in a community clinic by home care nurses or in a private office by the family doctor. 

Our Wound Healing Clinic sees patients with chronic but healable wounds and uncomplicated non-healing wounds. A chronic wound means an open wound or ulcer which has persisted for 3 months.

Our team

​Our team consists of members from plastic surgery, wound care, nursing, occupational and physical therapy.


A referral from a registered physician from BC is required. Please download the referral form.

Contact Information

Complex Wound Care Clinic​

​Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Center

2775 Laurel St
3rd Floor/Plastic Surgery
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1M9


Phone: 604-875-5255

Fax referrals to: 604-875 5861  

Surgeon: Dr. Anthony Papp

Referral Form

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