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Number of positions: 1

Duration: 12 months

Supervisor: Dr. Saoussen Salhi, MD, FRCSC, Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship Director


The University of British Columbia Division of Plastic Surgery offers a 12-month Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship.


This advanced training program is 12 months in duration and provides a large volume experience in the management of a variety of paediatric problems, such as cleft lip & palate, congenital hand abnormalities, obstetrical brachial plexus injuries and vascular anomalies. Additional exposure to the management craniofacial anomalies can be provided as appropriate / desired. This is a comprehensive Paediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship for plastic surgeons that have completed their training and wish to develop/refine subspecialty skills. Generous financial support is available for the duration.


Successful completion of a Royal College or American Board certified Plastic Surgery program or equivalent.

Successful completion of the TOEFL exam if language of instruction and practice during medical school and residency was not in English. A passing grade must be obtained prior to submission of the fellowship application. 


Applications are now being received for upcoming positions. Please apply ~ 24 months prior to the desired date of training. Applicants are generally accepted 18-24 months prior to the January or July start date.



Dr. Saoussen Salhi, MD, FRCSC

via Parm Sidhu, at

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