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Applying for an Elective at UBC

For UBC students, electives are organized during your 3rd year through your home program. For non-UBC students, obtaining an elective at UBC is done through the Visiting Student Elevtice Program (VSEP) -

Interested in applying for a residency position? Read this first: Potential Applicants

Confirmed Elective Students


Welcome to the Division of Plastic Surgery at The University of British Columbia! We hope you have an educative and enjoyable rotation with us. If you have any concerns or questions, please ask your senior, junior, any staff members, or contact Maureen. You will find us very approachable.

UBC Director of Undergraduate Education: Dr. Chris Doherty

Residency selection committee: Dr. Alex Seal, Dr. Peter Lennox, Dr. Esta Bovill, Dr. Erika Henkelman, Dr. Douglas Courtemanche, Dr. Erin Brownand two residents. 

Day One

Contacting one of the residents at your assigned site ahead of time is recommended. Please review your call schedule which will indicate your rotation site for Week 1 and Week 2. The Welcome email package from Parm Sidhu, Sr. Program Assistant will also provide more information including contact info for the Chief Admin Resident.  

If your rotation is at Vancouver General Hospital, then please arrive on Monday morning at 0615 on the Burns, Trauma, and High-Acuity Unit, 2nd floor of Vancouver General Hospital, Jim Pattison Pavilion, 899 West 12th Avenue. 

If your rotation is at Saint Paul's Hospital, then please arrive on Monday morning outside the OR main desk at 0645 on the 3rd floor of the Providence Building. 

If your rotation is at BC Children's Hospital, then please arrive on Monday morning outside the OR main desk at 07:30.

If your rotation is at UBC Hospital, then please arrive on Monday morning outside the OR main desk at 07:30.

Day by day

The service at either hospital includes a combination of operating room time, clinics, minor surgery, in-patient care, emergency consultations, and teaching. Your senior plastic surgery resident will help you in scheduling your week.


Schedule of Rounds


While on service you are expected to attend all rounds unless pre-existing academic commitments from your home program exist. Rounds are at VGH.

Monday: No Rounds

Tuesday: Hand Rounds - 0645 BTHAU Conference room at VGH.

Wednesday: Walk-around-rounds - 0700 Diamond Center 9th floor, OR, Plastics Grand Rounds - 0700 Diamond Center 1st floor.

Thursday: No rounds, plastics residents academic half-day 1300-1800.

Friday: Weekend handover rounds - 1700 BTHAU Conference room at VGH for VGH team and weekend call team.


Ward patients rounds are conducted at each hospital after confirmation of time with the staff.



You will always be on call with a junior and a senior resident. You and the junior cover Vancouver General Hospital at night, which includes the emergency room and the in-patient population. All consults need to be reviewed with a senior resident proir to initiating any treatment. Call is usually 4-5 shifts spread out over your rotation. 

Below are some important points about call from UBC and from the Division:

1. On plastics, doing call is mandatory. Failure to do call constitutes failure of the rotation. 


2. Should you be unavailable to attend assigned call it is YOUR responsibility to switch with another student and notify (in advance) the Division. If you cannot find someone to switch with you then you will be considered absent and the appropriate absence form needs to be filled out, as per the Attendance Policy.

3. Prior to the block starting, the chief resident will send out call requests. If you are requesting a particular night off call, please comminicate it to the cheif resident prior to the schedule being created.


The surgeon with whom you share the on-call weekend and the entire resident staff will all contribute to your evaluation. The evaluation forms are for you to hand out to 2 surgeons and 2 residents that you have worked with during your rotation. These will be used to do your final evaluation. A blank attendance form has also been provided for you to fill out throughout your rotation. Please complete it by filling in the half-day activities in which you participate and identify your supervisors for that time.

Good luck! We really enjoy having medical students on the service! See and do as much as you can. Check out the "Tips for Surviving the Rotation" page for some helpful tidbits.

Elective Eval
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